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OxyElegant & OxySeasons

2010-06-27: These icon themes are far from complete. But before I don't release anything... so finally here they are, first gush...
2010-10-23: Added OxyAutumn

What we have:

OxyElegant is a set of folder icons in four different colors (at least that's the plan):
Green, blue, bronze and sand. By now the green one does contain the most icons because that's the one I use, followed by the blue one because original oxygen is blue.

There also will be a fifth set which contains icons that can be used with either color set, you might want to download and install that one too.

OxySeasons also is split into several sets: spring, summer, autumn, winter and a special xmas theme.

Important: These themes *cannot* be installed with knewstuff or even systemsettings at all because the sets only contain PNGs in 128x128. Please copy/unpack the icons to the appropriate icon folder by hand. Additionally the archives contain a script to generate the missing icon sizes, please use it afterwards :)

More screenshots

Now the most important part, the downloads:

OxyElegant - Green OxyElegant - Blue OxyElegant - Bronze OxyElegant - Sand OxyElegant - Base
OxySeasons - Spring OxySeasons - Summer OxySeasons - Autumn OxySeasons - Winter OxySeasons - Xmas

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